FROM A STRICT VICE-PRINCIPAL WITH A DARK SENSE OF HUMOR, to a curious news reporter working to uncover the motives behind a massive crime affecting the country, and a very mysterious mortician, actor Paul Tirado has been creating entertaining characters for the Silver Screen over the last few years. Tirado, who has been described as a blend between a young Benicio Del Toro and John Cusack can be seen in a handful of independent features in 2013. First up he will appear as ‘Greg’ in the indie horror thriller SLINK to be released on June 14. Next he will appear as ”Mr. Durante” in LOVE IN MORENO VALLEY”, this movie will be opening in theatres on 2014. Tirado has also recently worked in short film with a role specifically written for him in XR91 BIOREBELLION 2.0 with James Franco [directed by Steven Huffaker]. The project was selected out of 75 films for the prestigious UCLA 22nd Annual Film Festival in June 2013, the film was presented by Ben Affleck himself. Aside from his work in film, Tirado is working on a comedy web series on YouTube entitled “Not by Choice.” Currently in production, he plays goofy cable guy ‘Gustavo,’ one of three cable men who end up out of work and try their hands at various other careers.

Born in Spain, Tirado grew up with a love for acting and the entertainment industry. He formed his first theatre company when he was 12 years old, performing scenes from films for local audiences. Throughout all of his schooling he was active in the arts, working to hone his craft and studying the movie business. In 2007 Tirado made the decision to
move to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of being an actor. He shares, “my parents have been my biggest supporters. They taught me to work hard, work smart,
be positive, and think big. When I first moved to LA, all of these elements came into play.” Upon arrival, Tirado enrolled in acting programs to further study his craft. For four years he studied with The Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute, and at The Acting Studio at Edgemar with Michelle Danner.

Tirado hit his stride in the business in 2011. From 2011-12 he booked eight feature films, some of which have made the rounds in the festival circuit. In 2012 he was seen in the independent feature HELLO HERMAN directed by Michelle Danner and appearing with Norman Reedus. The film was a big success at the 2012 Hollywood Film Festival. Additional credits for Tirado include independent features THE JET MOVIE, 8 REELS OF SEWAGE, ROCKBARNES: THE EMPEROR IN YOU, THURSDAY’S SPEAKER, and the short SOMETHING OUT OF NOTHING, and his most recent and upcoming feature ”LOVE IN MORENO VALLEY” in which he works with actors like Brendon Small and John Ennis.